Sunday, May 9, 2010

tHe nEW pHasE BeGin..........

Salam 1 Malaysia to all bloggers..!!!
Currently diz week I am going to entering the fifth week of industry training.
Briefing session for this week was given by En.Nizam (Health and Safety Environment Coordinator) HSE. In his briefing , En.Nizam who also ex-Yaman Petronas Executive explain why it is important for us to obey and follow the safety rules make by HSE department to avoid any danger, hazardess and harm that happen suddenly without warning. It become more serious with the news that there is oil rig explode at gulf of mexico where it is one of the largest oil rig in the world.
To summarize, my activity for diz week is more on to take role of Puan Azi (Technical Clerk) where she take leave for 3 weeks because she will married and going to honeymoon. So my task is to update the data from the vessels, searching for material that request by the vessel from ISSA (International Ship Suppliers and Service Association). After that I’ll key-in the request in the IPR (Internal Purchasing Request) and after approval from En. Nazir (Technical Director) the request can be purchase by Perchasing Department and the PO (Purchase Order) will given. After the process done the material will send to our warehouse at KSB (Kemaman Supply Base) before given to the vessels.
Other than that, I also must checking the Defect Report and certificate vessel for JM Gagah and JM Murni. Then I need to prepared the stationary material for JM Hadhari like ballpen, eraser, ruler master daily log and others.
Okies, its ol for now. C u later…….

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  1. AII... prepare stationary pn keje ko jugak? giler x best. hahaha~