Monday, May 24, 2010

aiR iNLeT aNd ExhaUSt sYstEm foR diESEL EnGine 3606

The inlet manifold is a passage connects the aftercooler to the inlet ports in the cylinder head. The camshaft controls the movement of the valve system components. Clean inlet air from air cleaner and from silencer is pulled through air inlet (4) into turbocharger compressor by turbocharger compressor wheel (5). The rotation of turbocharger compressor wheel causes the air to compress. The rotation of the turbocharger compressor wheel then forces the air through an elbow to the aftercooler (2). The aftercooler lowers the temperature of the compressed air before the air goes into air plenum and the inlet chambers i cylinder head. Air flow from inlet chambers into the cylinders is controlled by inlet valves.

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