Saturday, April 24, 2010

NeW HomE..nEW LifE..

Hye everybody....*_^

Diz week was a third week in my intern schedule. And as i mentioning at the last entry by diz week i have a little bit surprise to ol of u. Actually the surprise is i had change my practical training from MSET, Kuala Terengganu to JASA MERIN at Kemaman. But still in Terengganu. Okey let me tell u guys about diz company. Jasa Merin Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a company that provide marine logistic services to offshore oil and gases industry. Jasa Merin company have 10 fleet where the fleet can be divided into 2 type. First type is Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTSV) and second is Straight Supply Vessel (SSV). AHTS means the vessel can be used to transfer the rig from one place to another place and also to supply the goods from land to platform. While the SSV just can be used to supply the oil and gas instrument to platform.
The fleets are:
-Permint Perkasa -JM Tenang
-Permint Gagah -JM Hadhari
-Permint Damai -JM Seri Besut
-JM Damai -JM Aman
-JM Intan -JM Indah

I was placed at Technical Department where this division was under control of En.Nazir Kahar. Diz department task is to make sure the Jasa Merin fleet on offshore is in good condition and any problem that occur on the fleet during the operation are referred to this department. The based for the fleets is at Kemaman Supply Based (KSB). Here at KSB is where the process of loading and unloading goods are doing.
Diz week i get the chance to get into JM Indah at Kemaman Supply Based with En. Daim. The fleet have the aircond problem so our task is to make sure the problem is solved as soon as possible so the fleet can go to offshore faster. Another fleet that i get involved is JM Murni where we checked the engine room and install the CCTV.
The rest of my time here are doing the office work like binding, file arrangement and so on. That all for now. C ya in the next entry...^_^

technical department

JM Murni engine room

JM Murni control room

View from Kemaman Supply Base

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